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Editions Clé : The joint publications ministry of GBIM and UFM International

“There are two things that in the entire history of missions have been absolutely central: the one, most obviously, is the Bible itself. The other is the printed page. There is absolutely nothing else in terms of mission methodology that outranks the importance of the printed page.” Dr. Ralph Winters - Founder and General Director of the United States Center for World Missions


The mission of Editions Clé (pronounced ‘clay’) is to publish literature (print and electronic) designed to educate future Christian leaders, to edify the church and to reach others with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Scope of Ministry

Editions Clé reaches French speakers in 17 countries stretching across Europe, to Africa, North America and beyond. The publishing ministry serves a variety of people including laymen, pastors, churches and bookstores.

Print publications

Editions Clé publishes a variety of literature including concise evangelistic books, complete Bible commentaries, as well as other types of Christian books. Some recent publications include Max Lucado’s ‘Just Like Jesus’ and ‘Willmington’s Guide to the Bible’ (a 1000-page reference work).

Electronic publications

In electronic publishing Editions Clé focuses primarily on the development of the Bible Study software program, ‘The Online Bible’, the most complete tool of its kind available in the French-speaking world. Another newly released and innovative project is a Bible discovery game on DVD aimed to evangelize young peoplecalled "Mission Eye".

Internet Publications

Our Internet site serves as a catalogue for our publications; provides daily devotional readings and offers free downloads of our Bible software. Entire texts of several of our evangelistic books are on line on a Christian resource web site sponsored by Editions Clé.

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